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Field Notes Cover Review

In the beginning of May, I decided to give Field Notes a try and with that, I knew I needed a good cover. I’ve been hearing about Field Notes at least since 2014 while I was stationed in Germany (it’s when I discovered the Travelers Notebook) and (once again) figured better late then never in hopping on that train.

I decided to scour Amazon for a good leather FN cover that wouldn’t break the bank, and stumbled upon the Leather Journal Cover for Field Notes from Newstor. I bought just the leather cover and not the insert that is recommended to go with it, so I have no opinion on the insert.

Leather cover 1

The cover arrived fast (thank’s Amazon Prime) and I immediately put it to work. I took one of my brand new FN' journals and stuck it inside the cover and grabbed my favorite All Weather Pen to put through the pen loop.

Leather Cover 2

The leather is kind of stiff, but that may just be because it’s a new cover. The pen loop isn’t very big and I sometimes have to play with it to get the pen to sit down inside the loop. That’s not really a big problem for me, it might just be the two materials pushing against each other that is causing the difficulty. The cover scratches nicely kind of like my TN.

It has two smaller pockets in the front that can very easily be used as a wallet, but I don’t generally put my cards in there. I prefer to keep them in my wallet in my pocket.

Leather Cover 3

I did notice that you can carry two different FN sized notebooks in the case at one time, one to slip into the front pocket and one to slip into the back pocket.

Leather Cover 5

Overall I rather like this notebook cover. It’s not very expensive and carries nicely in my bag. I can write in my FN without having to take it out of it’s cover, and that’s definitely a bonus in my eyes. I would definitely recommend this notebook to other people that are looking for an inexpensive leather cover to carry their FN in.

Leather Cover 4

Do you have a favorite cover that houses your Field Notes notebooks? Please share in the comments down below!

Until next time!

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