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My Journaling Supplies


This morning I posted a picture over on my Instagram channel showing a picture of my everyday journaling supplies before I put them away in my new Delfonics pouch that I got from Amazon.

I wanted to give you a little more information about my supplies and where you might find some of them if you're interested.

My Current Journaling Collection

On the left is my Midori Travelers Notebook. I purchased this in 2014, when Midori and Travelers Company were still a single company, and it does say Midori on the back of my notebook cover. I don't really know where I purchased it from, but I know you can purchase them on Goulet Pensor on Amazonfor sure. The charm is one I purchased from Hobby Lobbyand the charm on the side is something I purchased from Etsy several years ago for my October Daily charm. I cannot seem to find the shop that I purchased it from. 

I'm using a small Ranger Archival Ink cubethat came in a four pack from Hobby Lobby and a date stamp that I picked up at Joann's in the scrapbook section. I want to say that it is Park Lane Paperiebrand, but I don't have the packaging anymore and there isn't a brand on the stamp itself for me to tell you.

My orange scissors are a travel pair of Fiskars brand scissorsthat I bought from Joanne's, in the sewing section. They are TSA approved and super sharp. The thing I love is that they really don't take up much room but are easy for my fingers to use when I need them. I've used them to cut paper as well as washi and they work just fine. I might get a separate pair that are just for washi, but I don't know yet.

I use a Steadler white eraser from I buy in a pack of several erasers. You can get them at most craft stores and even Staples. This eraser happens to be my favorite because for the most part, it can erase any pencil mark that I've made. The one exception seems to be when I water color over the pencil mark.

The tiny blue thing at the top is a Tombow Permanent Adhesive tape runnerthat I bought in a 3 pack from Stapes some time ago. I find it in their pen/tape section but I can't seem to find it on their website at the moment. I originally bought it for my bullet journal supplies, but never really tape anything in my bullet journal unless I am at home, where I have access to my regular size Tombow tape runner. This is a handy little tape runner, especially for some of my smaller ephemera.

Beside that I have a travel watercolor set that my mother bought me from Illustrated Faithsome time ago. I'm not sure where she bought it because I have never seen it in stores, but the craft stores in Florida sometimes carry different things than the ones here in North Carolina. I have mixed the little half pans with some I got from a Primawatercolor set that I bought from Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. It wasn't until I started my daily journaling last month that I ever even used watercolors in my journaling. You'll see in my older journals, whenever I actually film those flip thoughs, that other than some Distress Stains, I only never used a medium like this in my journals. Now I really enjoy using watercolors and am on the lookout for other Prima pallets for colors that I don't already have.

Below this is my pen/water brush collection that I used on a d daily basis. I forget where the little water brush comes from, but it might be from Koi. The longer one at the bottom of the picture is from a set of two water brushes from Jane Davenportthat you can purchase at Michaels. I use a black Twsbi Eco fountain penthat I purchased from Goulet Pens, a black Sharpie penthat you can get anywhere there is office supplies, and some Pentalic Illustration Pensthat I got in a set, probably from Hobby Lobby. The last item in the picture is a Bic Pencil that you can get anywhere you get office supplies.

I have a black Delfonics pouchthat I carry all of this in and soon I will be filming a video on my YouTube channel of how I set this pouch up. I am beyond excited to get back into daily journaling.

Growing up I always kept a journal, and I realized early on that it helped me to feel better by getting my thoughts out of my head and down somewhere where I can revisit them if I want or forget that they even existed. It's a habit that I got away from for a few years and the stress really shows. Now that I am getting back into it, I can feel the difference in myself.

Until next time!